What Marketers Need to Know About Instagram Influencer Marketing in 2021?

One thing Covid-19 has taught us is that every business must have a digital presence. During the pandemic, many businesses shifted to online platforms. And, that’s not all. Firms have turned to social media to generate awareness and interest in their products and services.

Are you thinking of going down the digital transformation route? Instagram influencer marketing can be an effective channel to create better engagement with your audience. Here are some reasons why it’s more important than ever for brands to collaborate with influencers.

  • It helps you to stay in front of your audience at all times
  • Quickly builds your brand trust
  • Enhances your brand awareness
  • Enriches your content strategy
  • Provide unique value to your audience
  • Build a win-win partnership

Future of Instagram Influencer Marketing is Looking Bright

According to a survey conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub, 63 % of marketers want to increase their influencer marketing budget this year. The results of the study indicate that influencer marketing is here to stay. However, like any other marketing strategy, it’s bound to change with new technologies and trends.

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Let’s look at few changes marketers will anticipate in the future

Growth of Influence Networks

Future is about collective efforts. In 2021, marketers will collaborate with a group of influencers that are the right fit for their brand. For instance, if you are a cosmetic brand, reach out to a fashion or beauty influencer. However, you can also collaborate with the travel and sports industry. The future is all about the combination of different niches. The influencers who possess the power to transfer ideas between different groups will be the most popular.

In-house Influencer Programs will be at Boom

Brands are seeking new ways to work with famous influencers. Also, building a long-term partnership with influencers is better than a temporary one. In 2021, instead of content distribution, brands will focus on building a relationship with people. This way, brands work more closely with influencers. Macy’s is one such brand that uses in-house influencer programs for its employees.

Strict Guidelines for Advertising

In the past, influencer marketing was considered unethical and immoral. As a result, the Federal Trade Commission sent out official warning letters. FTC has also introduced guidelines to protect the interest of customers. More rules have been put in place to make influencer marketing more transparent than ever. So, if you want to include influencers in an Instagram marketing campaign, follow these guidelines to avoid getting penalized.

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