How to recover Gmail Password

Losing the password of the Gmail account is a common thing now, as we often see people not being able to recall their password. If you are also going through the same then there is one way through which you can fix your doubts and that is with the help of the account recovery mediums. For more elaborated information, tap below.

Steps to recover the lost password of the Gmail account

To know about How to recover Gmail Password,you can go through and then check the following steps.

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  • In case you have lost the password of the Gmail account then for that first of all go to the sign in page and then choose the option of forgot Gmail password.
  • Now on the account recovery page, you can choose any one medium and then move to the next step.
  • If you choose the option of recovery phone number then you will receive one account recovery code in the email that you can enter in the box and then set one new password of your choice. Now don’t forget to re-enter the password to confirm and once done, account will be reset.
  • Meanwhile you can also set the password through email address. The process will be the same in which you will receive one code through email that you have to enter and then follow up with setting one new password and then re-enter the password.
  • In case you neither have the Gmail phone number or the email address then in that case you can go for answering the security questions and then if you manage to answer all the questions correctly then you will be allowed to reset the password of your choice and then you can set the password accordingly. If needed, then you can enter the password again to confirm.

And that’s all how one can fix the password of the Gmail account. If you need more information on How to recover Gmail Password,contact the customer care team of Google as they will help you with the doubts you are going through.

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