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Yes, you can write for us. News24bg.com as a platform offers opportunity for bloggers, content publishers and advertisers to publish their content on our website. On any submission or advertorial request such as guest post free or paid. Our team will review your request and inform you of the same but given that you and your content follows our strict guidelines to avoid any unethical behaviour from both ends. Anyone looking for guest post on our website can go through the following below guidelines:

Guidelines for Publishing a Guest Post Article

  1. Be between 750 - 3500 words
  2. Use British English or American English
  3. Short paragraphs, numbered lists, bullet points, pictures
  4. Include Sub-Title
  5. Only include images for which you own the copyright and can provide us with proof of ownership. (We do not take any responsibility for images submitted by you)
  6. Be unique (we will always double-check before accepting an article)
  7. Will not be published online elsewhere
  8. Include reference links to reputable sources for all facts and cited data (we will include these as embedded links in the text).

Can we write a guest post for you?

We love guest posting on other great blogs too! Please contact us if you would us to great an awesome post for you on our website.

How do you send us your Guest Post Article?

If your content follows the above-mentioned guidelines feel free to send our entries on the given email: sharmachetan8650@gmail.com and we will revert back as soon as possible.

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