Things you need to throw the craziest party ever


What's the plans for this weekend and the one after that, coz you gotta have some it's the Christmas spat. Already in the mode of music, bash and celebration with your party animals cum friends we say it's time you buckle up and prep things like never before. Not a vanilla party we are planning a whole out of the world Christmas bash for the youngsters this year. Are you ready to dive in with us in the pool of food, fun, confetti and drinks? Let's get 'diving'. 


  • Order a cake to eat

Call for online cake delivery in Hyderabad for its just the beginning to the surplus orders you are about to make this a memorable night. Call for a chocolate cake with some creamy filling, so it complements the vibe of Christmas in the best possible way. But of course, the choice is yours. 


  • Order to cake to hit

Before you gulp on the ever exciting chocolate cake, there's one ordeal you can't ignore. It's pasting cake on the face of the invitees to make it funny, exciting and of course, it is a grand tradition kind of lost in the midst of development, but it's time we bring it back and working. 


  • Order confetti pops

When it is midnight what marks for the numerous amazing laughter, it's the hurray and shout of the moment. Add to it with a confetti pop and burst it right at 12 a.m. gather everyone around the cake, click pictures, make memories and all this under the shade of lighting aroma of cake and falling confetti. 


  • Order woods for bonfire

You were not planning on going forward without a Christmas bonfire, were you? If you were, we stopped you right on time. Get dry woods that burn easily, find a safe and perfect place to light the fire, seat chairs around it and let the fun begin. You can dance and laugh around the fire, make sure you stay at a safe distance. 


  • Order chips and coke 

What are you doing sitting around the cake do you picture, you are munching of course on the ritual like food coke and chips. Going around in a circle, the pack of chips is sure about to faint as are you waiting for it to come back to you. But the glass of coke is all yours; it's doubly fun to have one in this cold of weather. 


  • Order tikkas and kebabs

The hot dish is the one people would literally be dying for on the night. Order chicken and mutton kebabs, chicken tikkas, paneer tikkas, also kebabs, and such deities. Served with onion and green chutney, they suffice the need for any other thing at all. You too are drooling already, aren't you? 


  • Order games and cards

If the party is small but full of love and laughter, you don't need any other people making it happen for you, but you do need some fun games to keep it intriguing and engaging. Buy a pack of cards, or an easy tombola game and you should be sorted. 


  • Order drinks soft and hard

Soft drinks for the younger ones and hard drinks for those who need to shed some load off their shoulders. Keep glasses and bottles stacked at a proper place away from the fire, accessible to all who would like to have a glass of a drink. 


Apart from all this what you need the most is Santa caps for only then will you be able to submit the greatest party ever. 

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