Is It Advantageous To Study At Lviv National Medical University?

Lviv National Medical University is one of the renowned universities which was established in 1784 and located in Lviv, Ukraine. The university was also known as Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University and recognised by NMC, WHO, and the Central Government of Ukraine. The university is offering medical education for more than 200 years and given numerous medical professionals to the world. Students from all around the world are studying here. 

The university offers the course in the English language for the 6 years of program which includes theoretical and practical knowledge to the students. Lviv National Medical University has world-class teachers which are professionally trained faculty in medical studies. It is a world-class university as it has the top ranking in the country. According to 4ICU, it has the 31st rank in the country and is one of the top medical colleges in Ukraine.

It offers courses in clinical medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and preparatory courses for the students. Lviv National Medical University offers an affordable fee structure which has a USD 37,400 fee for the 6 years of the program which includes tuition fee, hostel fee and other expenses. The university offers world-class facilities to the students at the hostel which has a well equipped and furnished room with a bed, cupboard, medical, sports facility, gym, security, kitchen and many other facilities are offered to the students.

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Lviv National Medical University is one of the popular universities as students from all over the world travel to study MBBs from the recognised university. It provides the internationally recognised degree to the students which help the students to get job opportunity all over the world. It offers the direct admission procedure for international students but Indian need to qualify for the NEET exam for admission. For Indian students it also provides the proper assistance for the FMGE exam and students score a decent rate of passing. 

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