Why Your Company Name Is As Important As Your Company Function

 Brand name or business name is most often the first aspect of the company that potential customers will come across, it is important that company name is uniques, easy to remember and original so that it is relatable with the ideal clients, Name should stick in the mind, it should build trust and it should stay like that even after the company grows, To put in other word, A great is like the foundation to building the reputed brand.

Your name is not just about showing what you do, all of that can be achieved by using tagline or full name. Here are a few companies that have taken irrelevant, unique names and made them super brands.

  • Google

  • Nike

  • Apple

  • Starbucks

  • Yahoo

  • AT&T

You have to select a name that reflects the brand’s value and voice. To select a great name you need to be creative, crafty and clever with a lot of great research. There are many aspects that have to be taken into consideration, take it seriously, Make sure that the name is easy to read and spell, Select a name then ask your friends and family what they think about, Use it in everyday products to find how it works in different scenarios.


3 reasons why business name matter:

First point of contact:

As we discussed earlier, the business name is often the first point of contact with bigger brand, and that’s why it is easier to have a strong brand that creates an impact with the audience, A good name is fundamental for success of branding campaigns, Name, tagline and the logo must be able to transmit accurate message that impress the prospects, Names like Apple, Google insite confidence even before customer make any purchase from the brand. Those names are easy to remember and it is easy to say or spell, Which are all more reasons why it has been a great branding case study.

Aggregate what you believe in

Many factors works in combination for business name to be perfect, So you can’t just select a random name from top of your head and call it a day, A name and logo should give emotional connection and something to connect with, based on the need of your specific industry, The name Louis vouton, become a brand because it was a great name selection, The logo display the high end and luxury nature of the business, They understood that creating brand that represent high-end value was very important to attract the customers who respects that value and expensive price tag.

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Image in the industry

Any industry usually has hundreds of companies focusing towards the same customer pool, High competition is one of the biggest reason why lot of people are afraid to start a new business, They think that there is already so many players in the market and no place for new comers, 

But the thing is a great entrepreneur knows how to stand out in the crowd, and the name helps in achieving a unique image in the industry and attract customers towards them even though they are providing the same service.

However, business owners must figure out what it is that drives the customer's decision making process, What makes customers choose one business from the large pool. One of the way to attract the customer is to create a unique brand image that is based on trust and consistent quality. You should try to present yourself as creative, visionary and trustable, And that’s what a good business name can do.

How to easily find unique names with Browsedomain.com?

Step 1: Select words that are related to business?

Make list of few words that are related to the business you are doing, For example, If you are in lead generation it could be, Leads, Prospect, If you are in website development, It could be Web, HTML, development, If you are in marketing, It could be Inbound, Outbound and mail.

These names are to show what the brand is about, Many companies such as Mailchimp. Slidebeen follows the same pattern.

Step 2: Select words from your passion

Second word should be from your passion, Something that you love. It could be a natural object, movie term or anything in the world.

These words are meant to be something that connects with the audience. These words make the name personal to you and therefore, Those names would be unique.

Step 3: Hit combine

Once you have made both lists, It is time to hit combine, Once you do that, the website will create hundreds of options by aggregating both words and creating unique name for you to choose from, 

Step 4: Check domain availability and select the name

Best part about using Browsedomain is that, The website also check the domain name availability for each of the name, so all the research can be done on the one platform. You can directly go to namecheap and buy the domain at the same time as well.

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