Guide to Choosing the Best Wood for Basset furniture

 Planning to buy new furniture? Wondering what style, type, size, and design to buy? There’s one more thing important for the decision – the material. As wood is the most used one, you may find numerous wood types, designs, and shades used to make products in the furniture market. But is that enough? No! You need to consider under the hood factors like expected usage, wood quality, and budget as well. To make things a bit easier for you, you can find the best wood for furniture to get quality home furnishings by Basset and furniture brands. 

What is the best wood material type for furniture?

Hardwoods are perfect for furniture due to their blend of durability and beauty. It makes them far better than engineered or softwood furniture. While softwood produces attractive products, they are not as durable as hardwoods. Also, you may find numerous engineered wood types featuring durability but they fail to imitate the natural beauty and character of hardwood.

A Glance at Different Basset Furniture Wood Finishes

·         Mahogany Wood: It is traditional and attractive wood used for furnishing making. With its origins in Latin America, Mahogany is light as compared to other wood types and somewhat difficult to discover.

·         Cherry Wood: The ability to go dark with time gives cherry wood furniture a rich look. Moreover, people also like the cherry colour. Other characteristics like relative hardness, resistance to dent and scratch, non-toxic, and grain content make it one of the best woods for furniture.

·         Maple Wood: Maple can be the perfect furniture wood. Several maple types are available, and all are durable which are used in amazing furnishings. Being non-toxic, it is frequently used to making the cutting boards you use in the kitchen. And the best part is you can choose the desired grain pattern with different maple types available.

·         Oakwood: Oak is a durable wood generally used for kitchen and flooring furniture. Red oak is lightly porous and darker. It looks attractive, is reasonably inexpensive, and hence, a great wood for furniture.

·         Cedar wood: A softwood that’s a good pick for indoor furniture, cedar is relatively better for outdoor products. It is weather-resistant, and the ability to repel bugs makes it an ideal choice for closets.

·         Pinewood: Have you thought of pine as a great choice for furniture just by seeing those rustic cabins having knotty pines? If that’s what you ever imagined, you might be proved wrong here. Pine is more prone to damages because of being a softwood. Although the wood type is an inexpensive one.

Why solid wood furniture is costly?

Solid wood furniture’s price varies with numerous factors. This type of furniture uses hardwood that grows slowly, restricting the supply, hence increasing the cost. The need to cut the wood to the exact specification makes it hard to produce solid wood in mass. However, the manufactured wood makes it easier to make modular pieces.

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What is rubber wood?

With its origin in trees producing latex, rubber wood is another frequently used wood in furniture making. What makes it a cheaper alternative to hardwoods is it takes less time (nine years) to grow. This allows producing more wood in less time, hence lower costs.

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