The Health Benefits Of living in a Luxury Condominium in Bangkok

Today more than ever, people are becoming very health-conscious. And with good reason; when there are so many advantages to leading a healthy lifestyle, why wouldn’t you want to live that way? Looking and feeling great, having more energy, paying fewer visits to the doctor, enjoying stability with your mental health, and so much more. With all that in mind, what can you do to encourage healthy living? For one thing, your environment is very important! 

In this article, we’re going to focus on how living in a luxury condominium in Bangkok can provide you with some unbeatable health benefits. Not convinced? Give this article a read and we’ll prove you wrong! 

1 – Instant access to healthful amenities 

Any high-quality luxury condominium in Bangkok will provide you with a plethora of healthful amenities. For example: 

  • A fitness studio: Imagine having a fully-kitted fitness studio in your building! No gym-membership fees or having to commute. You can simply roll out of bed and head down to the fitness studio that you have free, exclusive access to. 

  • A swimming pool: Having a swimming pool in your building is the perfect way to get some daily exercise. The best part is that most quality Bangkok condominiums have outdoor swimming pools so you can top up your Vitamin D stores while getting some full-body exercise under your belt. 

  • Sauna and steam-room: There are many wonderful health benefits to using saunas and steam rooms and when you stay in a luxurious condo in Bangkok, you’ll be able to use them whenever you like. 

2 – Strategic location 

Any decent condominium will be developed in the most strategic locations (see condos for sale at Plum Condo Phaholyothin for inspiration). This will grant you instant access to the main transport hubs (e.g., BTS Skytrain and MRT station), allowing you to travel around the city with ease. 

This means that you are only a short journey away from the main parks in Bangkok, the many Muay Thai studios, excellent shopping opportunities at the local markets with all manner of organic produce, and any other healthful activities you could ask for. 

3 – A fitted kitchen 

While some people favour cheaper condos for the low price-tag, you often end up with a very basic kitchen. In fact, most cheap condos make it very difficult to cook at home. However, if you opt for a luxury condo and spend that little bit extra, you can enjoy a kitted kitchen and do some cooking at home. 

If you are health-conscious and want to stick to a very strict diet, having a kitchen with all of the necessary appliances is key to maintaining control. 

4 – Spacious and well-lit condos 

Living in cheaper condos is great for saving money, but not so good for your mental health. The fact is, if you are stuck in a small condo with very little room to breathe, you can start to feel cabin fever after a time. However, opting for a high-class condo with your own balcony, plenty of natural light, and a well-optimised design that promotes a healthy flow of thought, you’ll be far better off. 

5 – Free and regular condo cleaning 

If you lead a busy lifestyle and love to stay active, finding time to keep your condo immaculate isn’t always easy. However, one of the greatest benefits of living in a luxury condo is the fact that you can enjoy regular, free cleaning (one or twice a week). This means having your space thoroughly cleaned, dusted, and polished, without you even having to lift a finger. Not only does this create a healthier environment for you, but it frees you up with more time to focus on you. 

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