Reducing complexities for telecom Giant by automating business process

We are now living in a mobile-first nation where telecom is synonymous with mobility in the World. We all got ‘carried away by the sway of digital, forgetting that the backbone of digital is nothing but telecommunications. Even when we talk of advanced technologies like AI, IoT, Smart City, etc., is all dependent on connectivity and the wonderful orchestra of data connectivity brings in to power up any ‘smart’ and ‘intelligent technology.

But when we started working with one of the greatest US telecoms giants, we noticed they are facing collaboration and communication issues due to an improper and interrupted operation. According to Shivsankar Barik, VP Delivery of Inovar Consulting, the main challenge was that our client’s company had a big issue in collaborating with peers and reaching out to the right SPOCs and find other important information.

Our target was to provide them an automated technical solution to ensure effortless operations and uninterrupted communication. We cut down their time to market and improved their operational efficiency with a 40% improvement in site/signal compliance achieved with the help of big data analytics as well as helped them migrate them from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online. 

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This is not the end! The telecom provider was also facing a lot of challenges in managing the licenses allocated by FCC and staying compliant. The staff mentioned, “We are in extreme trouble to manage and track the licenses and their compliance-related status with information coming in from different channels and departments”. 

According to our CEO, Apratim Ghosh, “As an all-in-one solution, we proposed an end-to-end workflow application to digitize the entire process. The Application will not only streamline business support system but also improves the experience of the end-user”. 

The entire automated infrastructure improves the quality of data and analytical capability in spectrum improves signal compliance up to 40%. The automated feasibility checking features in microwave sites enhance 80% efficiency in understanding microwave tech and resolve unnecessary rework effort with better bandwidth. The entire automated environment enriches the visualization and monitoring power in a network. It also provides real-time alerts to avoid any sudden failure. 

“What started as workflow automation solution, resulting in huge cost savings, and optimizing end to end process”- Apratim mentioned.

We have come a long way since then having managed their existing SharePoint Sites, built net new sites for different teams as well as helped them migrate them from SharePoint On-Premises to SharePoint Online. Data security and access control are other vital concerns of our clients. We deploy a hybrid cloud solution applying net-gen technology for controlling access with better data security.

With this new system infrastructure, they have now enabled the 5G network through better data analytics and agile software development of tools using FCC data and enabled better decision-making.

About Inovar Consulting:

Inovar is a digital transformation corporate consultancy headquartered in Hyderabad, India. We help organizations reimagine their business by building impactful Digital Transformation solutions powered by the latest technologies. Our highly experienced team members understand the need-of-the-hour better and with the help of Digital Transformation, provide state-of-the-art solutions to build trustworthy customer relationships. 

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