How to Ensure Coverage for Common Spares Under Your Car Insurance Policy?

Once you have purchased your desired car, the next is to decide upon a suitable car insurance policy. The law, Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, makes it mandatory to have a motor insurance policy for all registered vehicles in the country. So, dealers often try to sell you a car insurance policy alongside your car. 

There are essentially two types of car insurance plans that can be bought - third-party/liability-only plan or a comprehensive policy. You can buy car insurance online too, both types of plans. A liability-only policy safeguards you from third-party legal liabilities that become payable in the event of a mishap causing damage or injury to a third person. While this coverage is limited in its scope, a comprehensive policy can be used. With a comprehensive plan, any damage to your car is also covered by your insurance cover. This way, you no longer need to worry about repair costs to your car. However, there is something you should know about comprehensive plans as well. 

The claim amount in a comprehensive policy does not consider the depreciation when making a pay-out. Also, the repair costs for common spares do not form part of the policy cover. For these situations, comprehensive plan can be topped up with an add-on facility. Using an add-on cover, the coverage can be customised to fit your requirements and include the above costs that are otherwise excluded from the scope of comprehensive car insurance. Consumables cover is one such add-on. Let’s learn more about it. 


What is consumables cover in car insurance?

A consumables cover is an additional facility that is available so that all those minor repairs that are required to your car are included in the settlement amount. Without this add-on cover, you might be required to pay from your pocket for these spares. Since consumables are spares that have specific and limited use, these products cannot be used for an extended period and need replacement. Fluids and oils used in your car, nuts and bolts, bearings, washers, etc are examples of consumables that are required and form part of this add-on cover. 


Is there an additional levy for consumables cover?

Yes, since consumables cover can be bought as an add-on, you need to pay for it over and above the comprehensive car insurance premium. A car insurance calculator can come handy to estimate the increase in your premium since the cost of this add-on differs among each insurance company and also for every model of the car. 


What spares are included in the consumables add-on?

Consumables add-on cover includes the replacement cost of the following items at the time of a claim application - 

  • Oil and oil filters required for engine oil, gear oil and brake oil.
  • Any cost of nuts and bolts required in the repair. 
  • Lubricants that are required by the vehicle.
  • Coolants and other fluids that may be required in your car.
  • Washers and other similar items excluding fuel.

Be it you first time policy purchase or car insurance renewal, a consumables add-on cover ensures an all-round coverage for the repair costs of your vehicle. Coupled with this add-on, a zero-depreciation cover or bumper to bumper insurance can come handy that does not deduct the depreciation on your spares and pays the entire amount of claim. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale. 

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  2. Ensuring coverage for common spares under your car insurance policy is essential to avoid unexpected expenses. Before purchasing a policy, make sure it covers common spares like batteries, tires, and brakes. Check the terms and conditions thoroughly to understand the coverage offered. In case of doubt, consult with an expert or the insurance provider. Also, don't forget to compare policies from different insurers to get the best deal. Lastly, don't let financial constraints prevent you from getting adequate insurance coverage. If needed, look for options like do my assignment cheap services to free up some funds for insurance premiums.

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    To ensure comprehensive protection for your vehicle, it is essential to review your car insurance policy terms and conditions. Choose a comprehensive coverage, which includes protection for own damages, including spare parts. Declare additional accessories or modifications, such as spare parts, to ensure they are covered. Explore add-on covers and riders that specifically offer coverage for spare parts, such as the 'Zero Depreciation' cover. Regularly update your insurance provider about changes in your vehicle, such as the addition of new spare parts. Maintain documentation of spare parts installed in your vehicle, which can be useful during the claims process and ensure transparency with your insurer. Opt for a realistic Insured Declared Value (IDV) for your vehicle, as a higher IDV ensures better coverage for the entire vehicle, including its spare parts. Understand the depreciation clause in your policy, as some policies may depreciate the value of spare parts, affecting the claim amount. The 'Zero Depreciation' add-on can address this issue. Be aware of policy exclusions related to spare parts, as some policies may have specific conditions or exclusions for certain types of spare parts. Regularly maintain your vehicle and its spare parts, as damages may be affected by negligence or lack of proper maintenance. Compare policies from different insurers before renewing or purchasing insurance, and understand the claim process to ensure smoother and quicker claims settlement. Seek professional advice if in doubt, read reviews and testimonials about insurers' claim settlement processes, especially regarding spare parts, and keep records of repairs and replacements of spare parts. By following these tips, you can enhance the coverage of common spares under your car insurance policy and ensure better protection for your vehicle.

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    To ensure coverage for common spares under your car insurance policy, review your policy, contact your insurance provider, consider add-ons or riders, provide documentation, understand depreciation, review coverage limits, ask about comprehensive coverage, compare OEM vs. aftermarket parts, regularly update your policy, and consult with an insurance agent. These steps help ensure that your vehicle's common spares are covered in case of damage or theft, and that you have adequate coverage amounts to replace them in case of damage or theft. Additionally, consider whether your policy covers OEM parts or aftermarket parts for replacements. Regularly updating your policy and consulting with an insurance agent can provide personalized guidance.

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