Tips from Driving Instructors About Minimising Fuel Consumption

Tips from Driving Instructors About Minimising Fuel Consumption: With the rise in fuel prices in Australia, like most other places all over the world, it has been challenging for many people to deal with their driving expenses. If you are facing such issues, you need to drive your car in a way that can bring small improvements in your car’s fuel efficiency, making a significant impact on your financial health. To make it work, you need to follow certain driving instructor tips that you can acquire through driving lessons in Hampton Park. These driving tips will not only help you to drive your car confidently and safely, but they will also help you to reduce the rate of your car’s fuel consumption. However, take a look at the fuel-saving tips that will also help you update your driving capability.

Lighten your load

If you are using your car as a storage space for transporting accessories like walking boots, golf sets, piles of spare parts, or any object that adds weight to your car, you are burning a lot of fuel. Leading driving schools in Langwarrin will provide you lessons that will make you understand that a lighter car will be more fuel-efficient. So, you must take out the unnecessary things from your car that are adding more to the car weight.

Check tire pressure regularly

You must check your car’s tire pressure once a month as it is important for you to increase your chances of reducing fuel consumption, which is taking a load on your wallet. Look for the driver’s handbook that will guide you to inflate your car tires depending on the vehicle weight and conditions.

Slow and Steady

To minimize the fuel consumption of your car, you need to keep in mind that you drive slowly. Being less heavy with the right foot can make a significant difference in the rate of fuel consumption of your car. For instance, if you drive your car at a speed of 80mph instead of 70mph, you will lose nearly 12 % more fuel.

Try using manual operations

According to many studies it has been found that automatic cars consume nearly 15 % more fuel when compared with manual cars. To acquire effective manual driving lessons, you can get hold of a driving instructor in Hampton Park. This will allow you to change the gear faster than automatic operations would and this allows you to save a lot more fuel.

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Avoid using high revs for acceleration

If you are over-revving or being heavy with your right foot, you are burning unnecessary fuel for your car. So, you need to offer smooth acceleration that not only will make your driving experience better, it will also help you to increase your car’s fuel efficiency.

Hope, you have understood the driving instructor tips that you must follow while driving to reduce the rate of your car’s fuel consumption. If you like the post, don’t forget to share it with your friends, and give thumbs up!

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