Monsoon is almost here! Find out if shifting seasons can impact your health

The transition from the summer to monsoon is always a welcome change as you can finally escape the heat and the dust. There are few things as relaxing to the human soul as sitting with a cup of your favorite beverage and watching the rain transform the parched brown earth into a carpet of velvet green. However, for all its charm and beauty, the monsoon also brings with it several potential health risks for both you and your family.

Common Health Risks during Monsoon

Some of the most common health risks during monsoon are: 

  1. Stagnant water during the monsoon can act as a breeding ground for disease such as malaria and dengue as well as for water borne diseases such as cholera.
  2. Increased humidity and moisture can increase the chances of skin infections. Infections of the ear, nose, and throat are also common during monsoon.
  3. With a drop in temperatures, especially during the night, colds, coughs, and flu are also rampant.
  4. Besides these diseases, mishaps such as road accidents and electrocution increase in frequency during the monsoon season. Slippery roads might result in skidding of vehicles that can lead to road accidents and uncovered and/or damaged electric wires pose severe health risks. 

Importance of Health Insurance during Monsoon

Such diseases and unforeseen incidents that adversely affect health can lead to hospitalisation, thereby putting a strain on your finances. A comprehensive health insurance policy protects you from the health risks associated with the monsoon. A good health insurance policy offers you financial protection by providing coverage against expenses arising from hospitalisation, in patient treatments for water-borne diseases, and other medical expenses. There are several health insurance policies available today. To select the one that best suits your needs, you can log on to Finserv MARKETS and compare their features and benefits. In general, a good health insurance policy should be able to cover your expenses for the following heads:  

  1. Hospitalisation
  2. Pre and post hospitalisation charges
  3. Ambulance charges
  4. Day care procedures like small surgeries which demand less than 24 hours of hospitalization.
  5. Doctor’s diagnosis and medicine expenses 

For most health insurance policies, you can pay nominal sum in the form of a premium and can get yourself covered. In case you want to know the instant estimate of premiums on your health insurance plan, you could use a health insurance premium calculator.

To Sum Up

During the monsoon season, it is necessary to take all necessary measures to protect your health However, despite your best efforts, there are still chances that you or your family member might fall sick or meet with an accident due to rainfall and weather. It is advisable that get yourself a good health insurance policy for such unforeseen circumstances. A good health insurance premium calculator allows you to get an estimate of the premiums in advance. 

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