Developing New Patterns & Memories Together – Start with Couple Therapy Nederland

As a couple’s therapist, the protectionists work to solve issues of couples who have a recent betrayal or years of disappointment or distance. Couples can start over a relationship; however, it requires a commitment to forgive and develop new patterns and memories together.

This process is not that easy. When someone close to you causes some pain to you, it becomes a burden. The guilt can eat you up and can make it difficult to heal.

The good part is that nothing is irreparable, and the realistic part is that it requires time to work. However, the bad news is that some couples don't prefer to put effort together.

You may be strong enough to accept help in order to make your relationship work again. This is the best thing that you can do.

In this article, we have mentioned how to start over a relationship by Couple Therapy Nederlandsteps.

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Redefining your relationship

When faced with hurtful situations, people usually focus on the difficult and less-than-appealing parts of our partners and our relationship. However, couples who go through difficult times prefer to stick with the positives, as they really want to stay with the person they love.

This step gives you clarity. If you want to stay together, and by any means, you don't want to separate, then it may not be enough to get you through.

By analyzing your relationship, you can easily build on those things and stay motivated and do any repair work when necessary.

Get support

If it was easy to start again, people would prefer to do that. If your friends and family hear from you complaining about your partner month after month, that may give you some support but find it challenging to support your overall relationship.

Also, if you and your partner want to be the only source of support for each other, you may constantly get involved in complex tasks about past hurts and your feelings.

Therapy is a good solution as it provides you an unbiased, experienced support person and helps you and your partner to focus on spending time together by having fun.

Do not repeat your behavior again

This step is not about being naive in your relationship. It is to figure out what you and your partner can do to change to ensure that the patterns that happened before will not happen again.

Couples who recover from the wounds of relationships prefer to point out things to solve their problems. They should plan in order to address their future problems before they grow. Folk wisdom tells us people can't forgive injuries that are still happening to them.

It's hard to start over if you're already in the same old patterns. Both partners must adhere to and embrace the change. During this period, Anger Management Therapyhelps a lot.

Make a choice to start again

To begin a relationship again with your partner means making a clear choice to do so, trust and retake the risk, let the last rest, and love your partner more because you appreciate the work you and your partner put in to stay in the relationship.

However, will you regain the starry-eyed "nothing will ever come between us" love again? Definitely no. And will you get the same relationship that existed before? No.

But couples can restart and find ways to value the depth of their relationship. Ultimately you get your heart back by choosing to heal your relationship.

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