Gulf Coast Adventure

Did you know the US has 1680 miles of the Golf Coast coastline? The Gulf of Mexico coast spans through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida shores. The Gulf States have a subtropical climate, coast with many inlets, bays, and inlets. The coastal area has many swamps and marshland, and it welcomes numerous rivers, including Mississippi. One of the main economic driving forces is tourism, and you can find fantastic sandy beaches throughout the grand bay. Another type of excursion includes sightseeing, where you can explore the natural beauty of Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, and Cape Coral in southern Florida. Great venue uk golf breaks is one of the most famous all over the world.

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Top Gulf Coast vacation spots

Most top-rated Gulf Coast beaches are in Florida. Fort Myers Beach is among the most popular towns situated on Estero Island. The city is in the southern part of the peninsula and has clear waters with plenty of shallow parts for water sports and swimming. 

Not as visually appealing but widely popular in Biloxi, located on Mississippi Gulf Coast. Thanks to huge beaches and numerous casinos, Biloxi has the nickname “Playground of the South.” Biloxi has plenty of other attractions like amusement parks, famous landmarks like the Biloxi Lighthouse, and many others.

Gulf Shores is a small but trendy vacation spot in Alabama. You can enjoy beach vibes on well-maintained public beaches or visit one of the best water parks in the state, Waterville, USA. 

Orange Beach is another popular Alabama vacation destination with white sand beaches and many other attractions, including Gulf Coast’s most giant Ferris wheel. 

Texas also has several attractive holiday destinations along the Gulf Coast, and the most popular is Galveston, where you have miles of fine beaches. You can find other amenities along the shores, and the Galveston Bay area offers attractions like Moody Gardens, Island Historic Pleasure Pier park amusement, and Schlitterbahn Waterpark.

Gulf Coast marine excursions 

Countless small and medium companies offer various types of marine trips and excursions. If you come across Fort Myers, Florida, one of the better-known ones is Gulf Coast Marine Excursions. 

You can choose between a private fishing charter for big game fishing or fishing trips adjusted for age and experience. There are also Dolphin spotting tours to see the beautiful marine mammals in their natural habitat. 

Sailing across the Gulf of Mexico 

The American part of the Gulf of Mexico has a long coastline and not many islands, so if you head out sailing, there will be a lot of open sea with an occasional oil rig. But there is some interesting place along the Alabama and Florida coast. 

Barrier islands in Mississippi and Alabama and inland bays of Alabama and Florida offer some diversity, and you can always dock at New Orleans, where you can find some lively fun throughout the year. When sailing the Gulf of Mexico, you should stay close to the coastline in hurricane season and watch the weather forecast closely because the weather could change suddenly and dramatically.

One of the more popular destinations for sailing adventures in Florida is finding deep blue waters and an abundance of sunshine throughout the year. You can plan an itinerary starting in fort Lauderdale that ends up in Naples with great intermediate spots.

Gulf Coast adventure racing 

Another big thing in Gulf Coast states is adventure racing, which includes navigation through an unmarked course or wilderness and trekking, biking, and paddling. The mark might consist of other disciplines, but these are the basics. It is a team sport where every team has three competitors.

Gulf Coast Adventures is series of seven races in the region. Locations for the events are New Orleans, Baton Rouge, St Charles, Alexandria, and Mobile. 

If you’re planning your Gulf Coast trip, wait with the reservations until your ESTA is approved. Most of the time, the process is straightforward, but sometimes people get negative answers. Even if your esta criminal record has some entries, you might get the travel authorization, but it depends on the crime you committed and how much time has passed.

Bottom line

Gulf Coast is a diverse and colossal region that goes through five states and has more than 1600 miles. If you’re looking for adventures, you can engage in different water sports, marine excursions or relax on numerous beaches along the coastline. Parts of the Gulf of Mexico coast have protected marshland landscape with rich animal life. An excellent option for your Gulf Coast vacation could be a sailing trip. 

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