New Year Gift Ideas For Your Dear Ones

The countdown has begun! People all over the world are counting days and are eager to welcome the New Year 2021. It's not just the New Year; it's the year of new hopes and new beginnings. To start 2021 on a happy and positive note with your dearest ones; you would need to pass on your wishes and greetings over some thoughtful tokens that continue to brighten their days, weeks, and months.

So, we are here as a helping friend. Before you set out to shop or start browsing online gift portals cluelessly, read through the list. It has some fantastic ideas for you. So, the only effort you need to put is to buy the gifts for your dearest ones.

  1. Plants: Plants are the evergreen symbol of care and good luck. There are Feng Shui plants as well as the Money plant, Jade Plant, Lucky Bamboo or holy Tulsi plant that represents the virtues of auspiciousness and prosperity. Even if you choose to give Peace Lily, Rose, Aloe VeraSyngonium; they bless you with beauty, air-purifying qualities, medicinal properties, and so much more. Thereby, according to us, plants are the perfect 2021 New Year Gifts. Extend nurture and nourishment as we still are surrounded by pandemic-like situations. Add concrete, Aluminium, designer or hanging vases to your plant gifts.
  2. Personalised Gifts: The year 2020 was all about spending quality time with family and making memories with all those who matter the most. The Year 2021 calls for cherishing and living those beautiful moments again and over again. So, to achieve this thought, only personalised gifts can help you. Mugs, cushions, photo frames, stationery products, wall art, desk decorations, watches, and so many other things! All of these can be gifted as New Year gifts to your dearest one with whom you have enjoyed the best days of your life.
  3. Hampers: New Year should not just be a one-day celebration. It should be 365 days of jubilation and jamboree. Well, to celebrate every day of life while thinking about you, your dear ones would need to hamper baskets. Baskets full of candies and chocolates, some imported while others Indian. Baskets full of beauty or spa products or gift sets for gentlemen, exotic tea/coffee hampers are some of the ideas to let your dear ones relax, eat, and enjoy throughout the year.
  4. Corporate Gifts: For the second family at your office whom you miss dearly working because of the work from home scenarios, corporate gifts would be the best New Year gifts. In the corporate list of gifts, you can go with choices like laptop sleeves, personalised journals, table-top decor items like a pen stand with an embedded clock, organizer, etc. Then, a wooden charging stand, wallets or combo of a folder with wallet, organizer, mug are some of the excellent choices.
  5. Flowers and Cakes: The ultimate choice that never goes out of the list is flower and cake combo. You can send a bouquet of fresh flowers with a cake. If it's your beloved one, go with roses and chocolate cake. If it's something more professional; avail gerberas, lilies, carnations or orchids with maybe a black forest or butterscotch cake. If you know the recipient's favourite cake flavour and blooms, then go ahead with the same. You can send dry cakes as well if the recipient doesn't like cream cakes. Also, choose attractive flower arrangements.

New Year is not far away. Check out your sources from where you can get these New Year gifts in high quality and pocket-friendly prices. Check some gift portals online.

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