Call Of Duty Warzone- Try Shooting Game With Different Modes

Warzone is the game which became really popular in the complete call of duty franchise because it offers great battle to play on one single battle-ground. You will find a total of 150 players in the battle-ground, and there are some special modes in which you will find a total of 200 players. So you can choose any mode among them as they all are free to try on. There is one trick that you can go for, which is called a warzone aimbot.

It is like a hack or cheats that can let you aim directly to the head of the enemies without even moving the crosshair. You can use it right away in the game, or else you can go for the fair methods. The game will begin from a fictional city called Verdansk, and that is the only map you will get to experience. The worst part is that you will find so many traps that can make it a little bit challenging for you to win the match. 

The location is completely based on the city which is called as Donetsk, and you can find it in Eastern Ukraine. The main aim of this game is to shoot down the enemies that come in your way. You cannot kill your team-mates, and nor you should try to else your XP points can decrease without even letting you know. So if you are ready, then you should go for it as this game is absolutely free to play on any device like PC, console, and much more.

Two main modes you should know about

Modes in the warzone make it more interesting to play, which is why you should consider the total of 2 modes, and those are called as plunder and battle royale. The plunder has been introduced recently, so you can enjoy it as much as you like as this one is available for permanent use. If you choose battle royale, then you need to defeat the enemies in that as there will be a total of 150 players in this mode.

Also, if you want your hands on the best guns, then you should go for the buy station as that is the place where you can come to get any weapon you want. It will require cash that you need to carry with you. If you are confused about how to get the cash, then it can only be looted by killing down the other enemies. Right after killing them, you will come to see that many resources have been spread out on the ground that you can collect.

Purchase items within the match

We have heard that we can purchase in-app items, but in the warzone game, you can purchase in-match items. There is a difference in these two things as in-app purchases mean the purchasing done before entering in the match, while on the other hand, the in-match purchase means purchasing after entering the match. You need to collect the cash, and that's it.

Cash is the only means to buy the in match items, so if you are interested in that, then your main aim is to shoot down the enemies that's it. We have seen that many games offer a total of 100 players in the battle-royale, but in this warzone, you will find 150 players, which sound really different and unique. You can team up with your friends and play in a squad, or on the other hand, you can play it solo, which is up to you.

No restriction in using a parachute

The game begins by jumping from the plane, and it is obvious that in that case parachute will be required, so now the best thing is that you can easily use that anytime you want to without any issues. You can easily use it as much time as you can without any restrictions. You should avoid lending in the non-playing zone because over there, the yellow gas will be going to kill you.

It will first start depleting your health, and then it will eventually kill you in no time. So you should keep this thing in mind. Also, there is a new respawn mechanism is introduced with the help of which you can easily come to get back in the game. It works in a little bit different way that you will come to know later on.

Gulag is the key to return back.

If you got killed in this game, then you will get one more chance to prove yourself in the gulag, which is a huge prison. In that prison, you will have to fight with one of the real world opponents. You will not be bare hands as you will get the gun, but that will be random. So if you succeed in killing your enemy, then you will get back to the game in no time at all.

On the other hand, if you won't come to kill the enemy, then your game will get over on the spot. So it sounds really interesting, and after respawning, you will get back to the plane, and you need to jump once again.

Do not forget to use shields.

You will get many shields to collect and use in the match, and even after killing an enemy, you will get the shield. It plays a major role in protecting you and increasing your hitpoints, so you must use them and make sure to keep some of the spares. You can also ask this from your friends, and on the other hand, you can provide some to your friends which depends completely on the circumstances.

The game is highly popular, which can offer you great features to use, and on the basis of those, you can come to enjoy this game more.

Thus, in a nutshell, we can say that warzone is a real shooting game which can provide you a great experience, and you should wear headphones while playing, by which you will come to sense the footsteps of your enemies.

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