Baccarat: A Prestige Casino Card Game

Baccarat (บาคาร่า) is a game well known to those who are indulged in casino card games. It is one of the most played card games in casinos across the globe. It has developed its identity quite intense among other card games like blackjack, poker, etc. These mentioned games surely are good ones too, and establishing its identity among these games is crushing evidence that baccarat is a game about which you must have some information.

Before coming to its definition or its rules, there are other fascinating things that everyone should know. Among these things first is the origin o game. There is an anecdote related to the origin of this game. It goes like there was an electrician legend who was asked to throw a die, and her fate will depend on the outcome of a die.

Die if ends up showing 8 or 9 she will get the honor of being a priestess. 6 or 7 will be accompanied by the outcome of getting abandon from participating in any religious event but will remain fortunate enough to live. When the number under 6 happens to come, she will be banished to sea, scary but true. Another point to note about this anecdote is that it is Italy based. It is all about its history.

Rise Of Baccarat In Last Few Years

The number of casinos across the globe is hard to count because of its large number. Although baccarat has its roots in France and Italy, in the last 30 years, it has witnessed remarkable growth in Asia and USA-based casinos. It is surely another evidence of this game's beauty, which is why casino owners are getting into it due to its growing fanatics.

There are some statistics to support baccarat popularity. It is a well-known fact that Macau's casinos are an undisputed rival in the field of casinoes after dethroning vegas casinoes, of course. Macau casinos around 40 of them have their 88% revenue avia baccarat, and this amount is right 33.2 billion$.

Similar statistics are from other casino hub countries like Singapore and las vegas where 18% of total win is recorded from baccarat. People who don't even know the game rules surely try their hands on this game due to its simplicity.

As mentioned in his article, Bill Zender was a popular Nevada gaming control agent centered on managing casino games. He has witnessed great growth in baccarat in his career of more than 40 years. Another factor that makes this game more indulging is the way casinos fabricate it like fancy tables, dealers in tuxedos, etc. which act as a cherry to the cake, typical James bond movies thing.,

Strategy In Baccarat To Ensure A Win

Before strategizing your game, it is an elementary step that you must the rules of which in Baccarat (บาคาร่า) turn is used to plan the things. The overview of this game's rules goes like the player and banker will hold the cards. You are supposed to pace your bet on one of them. The winner will be decided based on who is holding the cards having is total closer to 9.

If the sum of cards has values greater than nine, you are supposed to drop the first digit, and the remaining number is your answer. Consider an example if the banker's card total is 16, drop 1 and 6 is the number you have to take. If any of the players end up getting a number less than that of 5, he is supposed to pick another card player or banker; if he ends up having a card total of 9, both of them will stand. These are some fundamental set of rules of baccarat.

Some legends in the baccarat game make this game a money-spinner for them by following certain strategies. Some of these players are akio kashiwaki, the Greek syndicate, Phil Ivey, Kerry packer, etc.

These players suggest that bankers are the best bet, going with the banker unless he loses a wise option, and tie bets do not matter. Making a tie bet is not a wise option, and if a banker loses a bet, don't make a rush and keep your senses to you, which is a pretty important aspect here. Making the next decision carefully is damn important. One of the outs of the box trick you can follow is if the player loses to the banker, immediately place your bet on the banker. This trick can be highly useful.

Another critical point to keep in mind is money management; no matter how many wells planned you are going, baccarat is a lucky game. Keeping this in mind is hugely important if you are suffering losses, just leave the table and accept it's not your day. This makes me come to my last tip setting a threshold value is important to keep on betting, and losing makes no sense.

Baccarat Is a Game of Odds

Like any other casino card game, the odds are vital in this too. Keeping this in mind, there is another trick in the book: there are some bets safer than that others. By elaborating this, we can say that there are some bets safer than others. The amount you win in a tie bet is whopping, but it has the worst odds of winning statistically speaking; the house advantage on this bet is 14.36%.

Bets on bankers pay 1:1 and have a house edge of 1.06%, which means one hundred 1$ bet will make you lose around 1$. Surely it is a safer option, although you have to pay 5% commission to a banker, which is not a large amount but still, if it bothers you, do this. Try your luck on player hands but remember it has less house advantage of 1.24%.

Concluding the odds factor, it is sure that a tie bet is not a decent option in an optimal strategy.


Baccarat is a fun game and can help you socialize with others as it is a priority of many people.

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