SEO Tips for Optimizing Your Business Page on Facebook

Despite several opportunities, many businesses have failed to optimize their Facebook pages and are left with no quality and relevant traffic. To help the page owners to gain a broader reach in the market, Facebook is constantly upgrading its SEO. If you can follow this SEO, you get instagram followers it will gain a drastic growth and more followers. This will ultimately help you to expand your business. Some of the SEO tips that you can adopt to optimize your Facebook business page are given below.

Pick up the right name for your Facebook business page:

For optimizing your Facebook business page for SEO, your first priority must be the title of the page. The name you choose must be catchy and must represent your business. You could even use the name of your business directly or the name of the service you provide. For more get in touch with SEO agency Melbourne. If you choose a generic name and add terms related to entertainment or sports, it will demote your efforts of reaching qualified customers. The main reason behind is that, if anyone makes any search on Facebook, he or she will find tons of pages with similar names and will surely create confusion. The name you choose must have few keywords that represent your business. But, do not stuff it with too many keywords as it may appear spammy.

Make use of keywords strategically on your Facebook business page:

For any social media marketing, keyword optimization is very critical. By placing the keywords in the strategic areas of your business page, you can optimize your business page's SEO. This will improve your findability, as it helps to make your page appear on the top position in the search results. Use keywords in the essential areas like- URL, Title page, and in the 'about us' section. The title of your page acts as a Meta Title Tag, and your description in the 'about us' section acts as a meta description tag. Keep the description as short and relevant as possible, and do not make overuse of keywords.

Status update optimization for SEO and backlink to your fan page:

Everyone among Facebook users is aware of the "Write something..." option while uploading a photo or sharing images or photo updates on Facebook. The things that you write in this particular space serves as a meta description. You need to optimize the description well because the first 18 characters of your status updates are remembered by Facebook. This can be done by adding ideal keywords, or you can also add a link to the website of your business. Google considers authority sites to the websites having high-quality inbound links. Thus, make sure you have a good number of quality backlinks to your fan page.

Update your business information and create a custom Facebook URL:

The business information you provide allows the users in social media to locate your business. Moreover, it helps in growing your Facebook page followers as it enables the local searches to index your page. The business information you provide must include- contact numbers, address, type of business, products, working hours and most importantly, the company overview. You can also enhance it by adding keywords and links in your business information as it is necessary for Google searches. To make it easy for the people to find your Facebook business page, you must have a good URL. So to help your business achieve greater heights, the first thing you need to do is, start looking for the best facebook advertising agency in London.


The main objective of your Facebook business page is to connect your business to qualified and potential customers. Therefore, your business needs to get Facebook personable. To attract the audience, you want, customize it accordingly. The above-mentioned guidelines will make your Facebook business page effective and successful in meeting your business objectives. Facebook is constantly coming up with new tools that will make your business to run swifter.

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