How to Choose the Right Bike For You?

The cycling season has started. While waiting for the weather to warm, many bike lovers are planning bike rides around the city and nature and queue up to buy the season's newest bikes. So do you know how to choose a bike?

Bicycle is a means of transportation, according to some, a sport and recreational vehicle, whose frequency of use increases especially in the spring months. Regardless of the purpose it is used for, the bicycle must have quality, robust equipment. It is important to be comfortable and safe while exploring nature, going on a trip, going to work and shopping, or riding a bicycle for your child.

The bicycle, which is entertainment for children, sports and transportation for adults, should be preferred considering the comfort and performance expectation. After you decide what you want to do with the bike, you can find important information that will be useful for your shopping below:

Kids bike

No child should be left without a bicycle in these beautiful weather. Bicycle is an effective tool for children to exercise as well as to have fun. Age and height criteria should be prioritized in the selection of this vehicle. The factors to consider when choosing a children's bike are as follows:

Children from 3 years old can ride a bike. You can start getting your child accustomed to cycling with 3-wheeled bicycles in the age range of 3-4

Bicycles with 2 wheels and auxiliary small wheels on the sides make it easier for your child to get used to the 2-wheel bike.

If your child, who is riding a 4-wheeled or 2-wheeled bicycle, can get on the ground when he / she sits on the seat, then you have achieved the ideal seat height. He should not bend his knees when he steps on the ground.

If your child is going to use a 2 or 4 wheel bike for the first time, the bike must be out of gear. With a geared bike, your child can reach high speed.

Let your child choose their bike. Thus, it will be easier for him to gain a cycling habit.

Your child needs to use a helmet to be able to ride a bike safely. Helmet vents and must comply with CE standards. The helmet should fit snugly to your child and not be too big or too tight. In addition, equipments such as knee pads, elbow pads and protective glasses should not be forgotten as important as helmets. If you mount a basket in front of your child's seat, your child can put his drinker and a few items he wants and have a more comfortable ride.

City bike

The most preferred bicycle type by adults in daily life is the city bike. City bikes, which are preferred for going shopping and work in the city and at close distances, touring between the streets, and weekend rides, can be enjoyed safely with a simple equipment. City bikes have a bigger wheel diameter than mountain bikes, and their tires are thinner than mountain bikes. Fender, drinker and drinker suspension apparatus, basket, bag carrier apparatus, front and rear lights are integral accessories of these bicycles.

If you drive a city bike, you must also follow traffic rules. City bikes have an upright position for a comfortable and safe ride in traffic. The driver must not take a leaning forward driving position. The way you need to follow to find the ideal size for these bikes; When you sit on the seat, your toes touch the ground.

Mountain bike

Mountain bikes are preferred for nature trips and in the fields. The trails and rugged terrain can be easily toured with mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are equipped with shock absorbers for a comfortable ride. Its tires are toothed, resistant to damage, and these tread tires provide excellent handling in rainy weather as well as on muddy roads. Mountain bikes have a wide range of gear options. The gears provide an easy and safe drive on slopes, rough terrain, and potholes.

Mountain bike saddles are not too soft. A safer drive is provided with the hard seat. Their saddle has a thin and long structure. With the thin seat, friction of your legs is prevented and your range of motion expands.

Road bike or racing bike

High-speed road bikes with 28 inch wheels are preferred for long distance travels. Road bikes have very thin tires that reduce friction on asphalt surfaces and maintain their handling properties. Road bikes have 18 and above gears for a comfortable ride on ups and downs during long road and racing.

Even though people are used to carrying a train or bus, biking is still the ideal alternative to consider. A trek multitrack 700, even though lightweight, may be that the sport car of cycling -- not as the gas costs and also what cumber a few around cars!

Thin and long seats are designed for a comfortable ride on road bikes. For the purpose of comfortable riding, road bikes do not have a detailed list of accessories. The lighter the bike, the more effortless the journey. Road or racing bikes are ideal for flat asphalt but not suitable for use on rough terrain. Since your bike is light, your risk of falling is higher on roads such as forests and paths. The thin tires of the racing bike are easily damaged in the field, and they show poor performance in providing road holding.

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