How to become a DevOps Developer this year?

The main motive of this article is to give a proper roadmap or steps; learned to become a DevOps developer in the coming years. Through these steps, one will get to know about what exactly one should do to achieve the position of DevOps developer. DevOps course will change your ideology towards technology, one just has to go through it to learn and gain the experience.DevOps is a set practice which involves the combination of Development (Dev) and operation (Ops) in an organization. The main strategy is to achieve the goal to become a DevOps developer; one can do this with the help of DevOps training online.

Learn a Programming Language

There is various main programming language that is very beneficial and important for the one who is aspiring to become a DevOps Developer in the coming years i.e. Python, Ruby, Node.js, Go, Rust, C, C++. To get the knowledge about programming and automation these are the key language which one should focus on.

Understanding different concepts of operating system

The operating system is a mixture of software that settles computer hardware and comes up with services for the program. There are main three constituents of an operating system; which are as follows: - • Abstractions which works upon process, thread, file, socket, ad memory. • Policies which works upon LRU (least recently used) and EDF ( earliest deadline first) • Mechanisms that help in creating, opening, writing, allocating, and scheduling. Being a DevOps developer, one should be very well known about the coding system and they should be experts in that. This will add more to the knowledge of understanding the operating system. Through this one will get to know about the interaction with the input and output devices, connection with the other OS, optimization in the processing usage, disk usage management, and memory usage of the program which will become easier.

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Demanding DevOps skills

1. Linux essentials points and scripting

In this new world of digitalization, those days are gone when organizations need exclusive operating systems. This is the generation of Linux. Linux is an open origin and section developed operating system for computers, frameworks, servers, mobile devices, and embedded devices. Many of the companies like to prioritize their applications based on Linux. One should have the ability to control the Linux operating system, it is very important for a DevOps developer. DevOps is a type of automation and involves automation for infrastructure supplying. So being a DevOps developer, it is the responsibility to manage any scripting language and must be well- proficient with at least one scripting language prioritizing Python as it has created a buzz in the market.

2. Knowledge of several DevOps tools and technologies

The DevOps operation is conducted in several stages and each stage has its own importance and tools which can make that step easy and convenient. The steps are as follows: - • Source code management • Configuration management • Continuous integration • Continuous testing • Continuous monitoring • Containerization

3. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

They both are abbreviated as the CI and CD are the extracts of DevOps. It is practices that are performed continuously combining all the code from several developers, posting the successful code to manufacture, and rapidly testing them. Make use to the manufacture mostly need spinning up with containers which is automated using scripts again.

4. Infrastructure as a Code

Earlier, Technology was different as compared to the present scenario. In previous times IT infrastructure was long, monotonous, and instruction purpose. With the arrival of cloud computing and containerization technologies, the infrastructure required by developers can be equipped through an automated script.

5. Key facts about DevOps

DevOps is the conception of methodology, not a technology or a tool. This methodology doesn’t have a strict substructure. Several companies can take this methodology as per the standards. DevOps' main target is to generate the Development and the Operation groups all together to decrease the gap between them for the increment in the work. Through the DevOps methodology, organizations are able to convey quality in software much faster.

6. Soft skills

Soft skills play a major role in the IT industry with the assumption of DevOps methodology. Several organizations choose to prefer a dexterous way of using DevOps methodologies in such a way that group members work in high expedition and generate faster delivery to meet consumer expectations. Soft skills are also required in the world of DevOps methodology.


As a DevOps, one must be determined to play as a strong player in the roadmap of becoming a DevOps developer. If one has the desire to learn, gain, enhance knowledge will definitely be part of this field. IT industry is providing so many big platforms for the scope in career opportunities; one can do this by taking DevOps training online. Hope this article will be fruitful to you, and through this, all your queries and questions will be cleared. Go thoroughly to the detailing of points covered above and buckle to become a professionalized DevOps developer.

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