Tips For Water Heater Maintenance And Installation

Water heaters or geysers are yet another important appliance in every Indian family. Hot waters are used for diverse applications in day to day lives. You need to buy the best geysers in India to ensure that they are energy-efficient and worth the investment. If you already own one or planning to buy, here are some of the water heater or geyser installation and maintenance tips that you must keep in mind.

Maintenance Tips For Water Heaters or Geysers

Here are some of the maintenance tips for water heaters to ensure its longevity:

  • Prefer not to keep the geysers or water heaters turned on for a long time. Please turn it on only when you need it to save a lot of energy and also extend the life of the appliance.
  • Keep the temperature low to ensure that electricity consumption is less. Moreover, it will also put less load on the thermostat time over time.
  • Keep a check on the pressure valves at least once in a year. If they have experienced damage, then seek replacement immediately.
  • Always keep an eye on the plug and the socket where the water heater is connected. It is so because due to the power fluctuations, sparks are very common. So, if you notice sparks, then get your low-capacity wirings changed for better maintenance of the geysers.

Installation Tips For Water Heaters or Geysers

Here are some of the common installation tips that you need to keep in mind for safe functionality:

  • Leave ample space around the water heater to make it easy for future maintenance or service needs.
  • Keep the geyser at a height where your kids or pets cannot reach. Do the same for electrical switches, wirings, and connections.
  • Connect a circuit breaker to the geyser to trip the power supply in case of fluctuations.


Follow these tips to ensure that your geyser lasts for a longer time. In the meanwhile, you can also do your home appliance shopping by buying the best washing machine under 10000 and do your warm laundry by connecting it with your geyser supply.

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